Digital Smile Design is a method that enables the desired treatments to be prepared in a computer environment and then to show them the virtually prepared and finished form. Factors such as facial features, gender, age, and expectations are of great importance in smile design.

Appropriate photographs of the person are taken and tooth and laughter line design is made with the help of software. Temporary or permanent restorations arecarried out in accordance with the design deemed appropriate. Projecting of smiling face and mouth photos of patients is provided.

In order to analyze in depth, the patient’s smile line is evaluated using tools such as the golden ratio index. It aims to show the patient how to smile afterrestoration through a simulation. By doing a few alternative studies, modeling is done on the photographs of the person as if the teeth were made.

Based on these studies, the patient and physician decide together which model and which color to be.Thus, no surprise results are encountered and time losses are reduced to a minimum.