Endodontics is a brach that deals with the treatment of root canals in the teeth.Any artificial teeth can replace natural teeth.For this reason, the aim of all treatments in dentistry is to keep the healthy teeth in mouth.The tooth is tried to be protected as much as possible,during the dental treatments.

However if is not possible to treat and protect the dental pulp as alive,root canal treament is applied to the tooth. In the root canal treatment,removing the nerve tissue of the tooth, this cavity is shaped than mechanically and chemically cleaned and filled with canal fillers.

*To prevent you feeling pain,numbness is provided with appropriate anestesia
*Tooth decay is removed and than reach the nerves of tooth.Nerves and all tissue residues are removed.
*Lenght of the root canal detected with X-ray.Shaping and cleaning of the root canals with proper tools.
*All residues are eliminated by mechanically and by using suitable chemical agents.
*Between the sessions, the inside of the canal and the teeth are restorated with temporary fillers
until the full recovery of the tooth.
*After complete healing, the canal is filled by using suitable fillers.
*Canal treatment can be completed in one session, or it may take several sessions depending on the
condition of the tooth.

In cases where the tooth pulp is damaged due to caries, trauma or periodontal disease, the tooth loses its vitality and the infection spreads to the whole tooth.If the tooth is not treated in this case, the infection  affects the tissues around the root, causing the bone loss in that area.Abscess occurs in this cavity. The abscess progresses with swelling and pain, and the tooth can soon be lost within time.

Endodontically treated tooth is well restored and the person provides adequate oral hygiene it can remain in the mouth for life.