Masseter muscle is the strongest of the masticatory muscles and is located on both sides of the lower jaw.

As a result of these muscles working excessively, the muscle becomes very strong and bulky. This condition is often

referred to as burcism in individuals who clench or creak. Burkism is directly proportional to the person’s stress.

Excessive function of the muscles can cause wear and fractures in the teeth, ear pain and deformation in the

jaw joints.Burksizm can be treated by applying botox treatment

to the Masseter Muscle or using plates at night.Botox is done by injecting botox medication into the masseter muscle on the right and left side.

After application, a decrease in muscle strength and a decrease in volume are observed. The application can be repeated,

the dosage and the number of repetitions are adjusted according to the needs and complaints of the person.

It is an average of 15 minutes, usually painless.People can continue their daily lives after the application.

It is not suitable for pregnant, lactating mothers, people with severe systemic diseases, excessive allergies.