Sterilization is the most necessary concept for our clinic.One of the ways of transmission of infectious
diseases is blood.Procedures related to dentistry are usually hemorrhagic procedures.
When the used tools are used without sterilization disinfection, these diseases will be transmitted.
Therefore it is one of the most important issues for us.A doctor can perform an incorrect,poor
results with or without awareness:this can be corrected.But when the disease is somehow infected,
there is unfortunately no return.In this stage show us the importance of sterilization and disinfection.
Our patients and our health are very important to us.


Every patients right to be treated under clean and sterile conditions.All used instruments and surgical
tools are kept in a solution which is effect to all viruses and bacterias,at the end of the day
instruments sterilized under high pressure in the autoclave.
All surfaces are wiped after each patient with a chemical surface disinfectant which effective against
viruses and bacteria.Disposable products are preferred to prevent cross infection.STERILIZATION is the
process of removing all microorganisms on or inside a substance.After this process,all microorganisms
are killed.It is not possible to separate this process such as mild, medium and advanced sterilization.
As a result of this process, all microorganisms such as non-spore bacteria, viruses, fungi are eliminated.
Sterilization is either done or not.This process has no degrees or application differences.
The aim is to eliminate all microorganisms from the environment.
The word STERILE is used to define the result of the completion of this process for the items and instruments
that have been sterilized.STERILIZATION WITH PRESSURIZED STEAM applied in instruments called OTOKLAV.
Sterilization is achieved at 121 ° C under 1.5 atmospheric pressure and kept for 15 minutes.