Primary teeth contain more organic matter than normal teeth, so they are more prone to decay. Children can’t pay attention to oral care as much as adults.The child’s dexterity, curiosity and parent’s attitude determine the habit of brushing teeth.Unfortunately, a vaccine or drug that can completely prevent caries hasn’t yet been developed.

Untreated primary tooth leads to pain,bad odor,chewing difficulties,malnutrition and unpretty appearence.In this period untreated primary tooth disorders can lead to distortion of the jaw development and general health problems in the future.Therefore, caries in primary teeth should be treated as soon as possible.


In accidents where the teeth are damaged in children, intervention should be done without delay.Sometimes dental injuries in children can cause removed of the permanent teeth from socket.In this case, you should immediately go to your dentist with exrtracted tooth.The tooth should be kept in a glass of milk, if milk is not available, kept in clean water.